Wireless observations while on vacation:

A vacation to the Midwest states revealed some interesting wireless networks.


Iowa – Hot spot wireless at highway rest stops. Corn, cows, and wifi.


Airports: Denver, San Jose, Omaha, Phoenix – Free wireless. Previously this was a pay service. Most networks with Cisco gear in use. To connect to one airport network  had to pass through 5 pages of captive portal to finally get access. Awkward.


Southwest Airlines – Wireless access on the flight. Pay service. Content filter, no videos. No thanks.


My niece watched Barney videos on my iPhone. Now that’s next generation wireless.

next generation wireless
next generation wireless


One thought on “Wireless observations while on vacation:”

  1. Don’t forget Wireless at the new San Jose Airport terminals
    With USB power jacks to charge the iPhone. AC Power at the seating. Very nice.


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