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4ipnet Reseller

SFWiFi is a 4ipnet reseller

About 4ipnet
4ipnet offers organizations affordable, comprehensive and effective WLAN solutions to meet evolving capacity and performance demands while reducing total cost of ownership.
By integrating user policy enforcement, wireless optimization features, social media insights, and hotspot billing, empowering businesses with new opportunities for value-added services and Wi-Fi monetization. Our mission is to strive for excellence in our products while building strong, lifelong relationships with our customers and partners.


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Airbnb WiFi Solutions

Airbnb WiFi Solutions

One of the essential amenities at every Airbnb, Hotel, Hostel or rental is WiFi.
Fast, secure and easy WiFi. Within minutes of arriving, guests are asking for the WiFi password

It is important to offer amenities that keep Airbnb competitive. Probably the most common amenities travelers look for is WiFi access.

Offering WiFi can make your rental appealing to business travelers and families.

Most SOHO (Best Buy) WiFi routers can not cover large areas and can not offer more than 5-7 concurrent users without some glitching or constant rebooting.

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Cloud management with easy access to change passwords, check network status, traffic etc. Secure WiFi networking so that guest and the home network never have to mix.

Event WiFi San Francisco and Entire Bay Area

SFWiFi offers event wifi/wireless solutions for internet connectivity for events of any size. Offering both indoor and outdoor solutions with fast and secure internet access.
High capacity wifi solutions to support Trade shows, Festivals, Flea Markets, Conferences Etc.

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The Inn and Lodge at The Presidio

The Inn and Lodge at The Presidio are San Francisco’s Best Kept Luxe Hotel Secrets

Wireless network design, equipment, installation and continues support by SFWiFi

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The Inn and Lodge at The Presidio are San Francisco’s Best Kept Luxe Hotel Secrets

Ruckus R750 Indoor 802.11ax (WiFi 6)

Indoor 802.11ax Wi-Fi Access Point for Ultra-Dense Environments
R750 dual-band (5GHz and 2.4GHz concurrent) 802.11ax wireless access point
4×4:4 streams, adaptive antennas, dual ports, onboard BLE and Zigbee, PoE support. Includes adjustable acoustic drop ceiling bracket. One Ethernet port is 2.5GbE.

The R750 802.11ax indoor Wi-Fi access point is now Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

SFWiFi is a Ruckus Wireless Reseller
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Recent Project: Hotel WiFi

SFWiFi specialize in high capacity wireless solutions for the Enterprise, Hospitality, and SMB industries. Our designs, installations, and site surveys ensure seamless reliable wifi for our clients.

Recent project: The new Virgin Airlines Hotel in San Francisco

Rooftop bar – Rooftop WiFi

4ipnet WLAN solutions

4ipnet specializes in wireless equipment including hot spot gateways and access points

4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services. 4ipnet delivers complete diverse array of innovative, turnkey and high-performance products and solutions, to bring reliability and manageability to evolving complex wired and wireless networking and telecommunication world.

4ipnet’s complete wireless networking infrastructure and management solution portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments ranging from the hospitality, education, telecom 3G-offload, ISP, industrial, medical, SMB, to the SOHO, with an emphasis on providing centralized network management, simplified network deployment, and enhanced network security and performance.

SF WiFi is a 4ipnet reseller.


Wireless Site Survey – WiFi Troubleshooting

wireless issues in an open office environment

SF WiFi can perform a detailed wireless site survey and diagnose issues at your site. Surveys include pre-deployment or post-deployment. Enterprise and High Capacity issues a specialty for all model access points and issues including: Meraki, Cisco, Aruba, HP, Ruckus, Aerohive

We typically see wireless issues in an open office environment with a large number of user devices. Too few, too many access points, poor location etc etc.

Predictive surveys also available. We utilize industry standard software to design the best access point laypout for your site per any model access point

SF WiFi can troubleshoot the cause of performance and security problems such as:
•RF spectrum analysis
•Channel and device overload
•Performance issues
•Throughput testing
•Security issues
•Wireless network design
•Interference analysis
•Rouge access point detection
•Optimize your existing network
•Hidden nodes
•Roaming tools

Recent Clients:
Enterprise / High Capacity
Shopping Center

References available

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