Wireless Solutions for the Bay Area

The WLAN Controller – Single point of management for the WLAN

How would like to individually manage your wireless network consisting of 6, 10, 20 access points? Maybe you already do? Cumbersome and not practical in today’s environment.


Time to bring in the Wireless Controller – the heart of the wireless network. The controller contains the features necessary to manage, control, monitor and support the wireless network. Typically management can be configured via a web interface or via SNMP. (Simple Network Management Protocol).


Typical WLAN controller features:


Centralized Management: The functions of lightweight access points are managed at the controller. Functions such as signal channel, access point power and data rates.  Additional proprietary features include configuration settings and the ability to install firmware updates. That is the ability to roll out software updates to all the access points from one point of management. No more sneaker net for rebooting devices, no logging into each individual AP to monitor and install updates. No more mixed and matched firmware across all your AP’s. Easily maintain all the OS updates to the AP’s.


These management features include monitoring network status pages providing for a quick review of network uptime, usage, connected users, access point status, errors, rogue AP’s, bandwidth usage and security notifications. Basically the status of all the WLAN devices.


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Wireless Hotspot Gateway

4ipnet HSG100: Wireless Hotspot Gateway and Integrated Wireless Access Point. 

4ipnet, Inc., a provider of wireless network security and management products, has recently released its unique lightweight yet feature-rich HSG100 Wireless Hotspot Gateway with built-in 802.11b/g access point and IP50 dust-proof metal housing, specially targeting mini-size stores who want to provide small, single-point wireless Internet access service. HSG100 features the most economical solution for the smaller hotspot businesses. With built-in user database and customizable billing plans which enables account generation on demand at the cashier’s desk. To open a hotspot store is at finger tips with HSG100 connecting to the Internet pipe via ADSL/ Cable/Satellite modem.

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Hulu coming to iPhone

Hulu.com is working on bringing its television-streaming service to the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, according to a report from Silicon Alley Insider. The app reportedly will be in the App Store within a few months, and it will enable mobile users to watch TV shows and movies over Wi-Fi and 3G. The app will only work when the user has a steady mobile Internet connection, and it probably won’t work over an EDGE connection because of bandwidth needs.



(Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution – or GSM Evolution)

A 2.5G high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers worldwide that use the GSM technology

Time Warner Cable Drops Tiered Pricing Push

Time Warner Cable has been under harsh criticism from consumers and politicians to stop thier proposed tiered internet pricing trials. The trials would have seen users currently paying about $40 for unlimited bandwidth forced to pay $150 per month for the same service. Much of the consumer protest surrounding the metered trials was in the Rochester, N.Y. area reports the AP. In that area, U.S. Rep. Eric Massa had said he was preparing legislation that would ban metered billing of internet access.


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Conficker turns on its scareware

The Conficker botnet has stirred to life, using its peer-to-peer communication system to update itself and download scareware (fake anti-virus programs) to millions of infected Windows PC’s.Which means that millions of Conficker-infected machines will start getting pop-ups pushing a fake $49.95 security scanner.

Conficker Virus Test

Here is a simple method to determine if your PC is infected with the Conficker Virus.  The conficker virus will prevent a PC from accessing the security websites. Joe Stewart is the director of malware research at SecureWorks, and he has created a neat Web page that instantly and visually tells you if you’re likely to be infected by the Conficker worm.

Simple. Very nice.