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iPhone 13 Pro Specs

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Supports: Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax) !!!

That is all SFWiFi cares about – wifi protocols. Upgrade your wireless network with 802.11ax
Note: beware of access point power issues with PoE and proper switch power, beware of ios issues with roaming, beware of…best to call SFWiFi for your network design requirements

Recent Projects – Travelodge by The Bay

The Travelodge by The Bay is located just 5 blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf, 2 blocks from the Cable Cars and The Crookedest Street in the World

The Travelodge commissioned SF WiFi to design and install their new wireless network. This project entails saturating the property with signal for guest rooms and common areas. Our wireless solution provides superior coverage, ease of use management features to seamlessly support today’s mobile user. SF WiFi specializes in hospitality wireless solutions and has designed, installed and supports wireless in 6 of the top 25 Bay Area TripAdvisor ranked hotels.Travelodge by the Bay

Wireless Trending

We’ve read many articles this week about wireless offloading–802.11ac, 802.11u, in general, the future of wireless. This caught us reflecting on our clients’ wireless progressions.

We have a hotel client in San Francisco supporting wireless at their 16 story/120 room property. In the past year alone we have seen their guest wireless usage increase to more than double.

In 2011 we would see stats of 20-25 users passing 8GB of data. We now see 80 concurrently connected devices, passing 25-40GB of data a day. That’s practically a four fold increase of data in just a little over a year and these numbers are consistent across all our wireless hotel clients.

Our Take on Wireless Trending:
User capacity increases: mobile device driven
Bandwidth usage increases: video driven
Cell phone offloading: hasn’t occurred too much, this is the next trend
Coverage: everywhere. WiFi is not just in the lobby anymore
User expectations: system uptime, stability, ease of use, free
Customer expectations: coverage, stability, support WMM (data voice video),
Management features: simple dashboard view of system and usage stats.