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Point to Point Wireless Installations – 4ipnet Solution

SF WiFi was contracted to install point to point wireless connectivity between two warehouse buildings. The network in Building A needed to extend to Building B. “The client needed network access at a remote building but wired connectivity between the buildings was not possible”.

Project Requirements:
• Wireless network backhaul
• Outdoor equipment
• Minimize, mitigate RF interference
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Stable connectivity
• Install AP’s where 120v power is not accessible
• Centralized and simplified management
• Manageability features and ease of use
• Keep costs within budget

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BlackBerry data issue

Wed March 10

Some BlackBerry users are complaining of an inability to use data services for two days in a row. It appears that the issue could be related to two separate problems. While some users seemed to be back in business late Tuesday, others were still having problems. One of the problems seems to be affecting some users of BlackBerry phones that have Wi-Fi capability, although the problem does not affect those users when they are connected to Wi-Fi networks. Instead, those users have trouble us

SF WiFi Buzz

SF WiFi is excited to announce we are now an Aerohive reseller.

Aerohive Networks has developed a solution that provides for a single wireless architecture that meets the technology and business requirements of both convenience and mission-critical network applications.

Cooperative control is a single, controller-less wireless LAN architecture that is cost effective for the smallest branch office yet meets the availability and manageability requirements of a large campus or warehouse deployment.

Entire Enterprise Rollout
Guest Access
Migration to 802.11n
Migration from Legacy Autonomous APs
Mission-Critical Networking
Secure Enterprise WiFi
Voice over Wireless LAN

About Aerohive Networks:

Aerohive unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stop buying copper, to move applications to the air, and to maximize workforce productivity. The company’s award-winning cooperative architecture eliminates costly controllers, saving money and providing unprecedented resiliency, up to 10X better application performance, and an opportunity to start small and expand without limitations. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

For more information, http://www.aerohive.com

Flip my Wi-Fi

SF WiFi is tackling one of the most exciting aspects in data communication – flipping the wireless network. We are helping clients make the transformation from the eyesore of legacy wireless gear into an efficient, feature rich wireless system.

SF WiFi boasts a team of characters that renovates Hospitality, SMB, SME and hotspot wireless in record time. It sounds simple, but sparks fly (not really) and tempers are high (legacy resellers) before the fixer-uppers are ready to go back online.

Will “Flip my WiFi” get picked up by a major cable TV channel? That’s doubtful. But if it does you can expect to watch it on a wireless IPTV. In HD!

Solar Powered Bus Shelter Unveiled in San Francisco – With WiFi !!

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently unveiled the first of 1,100 solar powered bus shelters that will be installed throughout the city between now and 2013. Crowned with a rolling red crest of photovoltaic panels, the shelters will use the sun’s rays to power their intercom, LED lighting, and even wireless routers that will help blanket the city with WiFi goodness. Designed by Lundberg Design and contracted through Clear Channel, the new shelters signal a bright future for solar technology in the Bay Area.

The roof is constructed from an innovative 40% post-industrial recycled polycarbonate material embedded with thin-film photovoltaic cells. The panel powers the NextMuni display that tells people when their bus is coming, a Push-To-Talk system so blind people can hear the NextMuni information, environmentally friendly light bulbs, and free Wi-Fi. The old florescent lights in the current shelters use 336 watts; the new LED panels use only 74 watts.

“Transit shelters that use photovoltaics, LEDS, and WiFi are going to be standard in the future and Im proud that San Francisco is once again acting like the pace car for other cities by trying and implementing these technologies”, said the mayor last week.   Wireless will roll out in another phase.