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Wireless Bridge San Francisco

When the time came for our customer to expand and open a cross town office/warehouse they contracted SF WiFi to design and install a building to building wireless bridge to extend their existing network.
Project Description:
Design and install a stable and secure data link connecting the remote office to the home office local network

pt2pt diag

SF WiFi designed and installed a stable and secure wireless bridge with high speed
access points utilizing the 5GHz channel. This solution offers enterprise spec features
such as channel interference avoidance, AES based security and higher data throughput
rates than T1/E1 or xDSL lines at only a fraction of the cost.

A foggy day in Daly City:
This wifi bridge from home office to remote office is a 4.2 mile link. The picture at the left is the South S.F. office access point and illustrates that the client is literally redeiving data from the cloud.

ap view in the fog blog
Literally receiving data from the cloud