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Project: Wireless – 360 Residences

360 Residences Wireless Project

Conveniently located in downtown San Jose, the 360 Residences deemed it necessary to accommodate it technologically savvy clientele with wireless networking. SF WiFi was commissioned to design and install this new network for the impressive glass tower’s recreational and business areas.

Our designer recognized this network needed to

• Stable enough to support a high capacity of users
• Provide exceptional signal coverage throughout the building’s rooms and pool area
• and contain ease of use features.

These features are very important since the average person will use multiple wireless devices (mobile phones and computers) simultaneously. After installation our technicians measured the network’s stability and ensured it was seamless, reliable, and secure.

Soaring 23 story high rise above the SoFa district, the grand architecture and sweeping glass tower dramatically redefines the San Jose skyline.

Check out this link to a video of the property. The wireless network covers the pool, fitness and patio areas of the apartments. These areas can be seen starting at the one minute mark of the video. We were so impressed with the aerial shots and model rendering of the 23 story high rise that the SF WiFi marketing department thought we should share this with you. Enjoy.

SF WiFi provides wireless to over one million Hotel guests annually.
Our clients include 6 of the top 25 bay area Trip Advisor Ranked Hotels. Our Clients range from 10 unit apartments to 18 story, 300 room hotels.

Skype offers mobile video calling app

The new app adds mobile video to the existing Skype features that
allow users to make and receive free Skype-to-Skype calls.

With the new app users can:
Make video calls to people on their computers as well as other iPhones
Make free audio calls to anyone else on Skype
Make great value calls to landlines and mobiles around the world

Works best with WiFi (That’s the part we like). If you are in need of a quality wireless solution that is stable, resolves coverage issues and can support multiple concurrent user devices please contact SF WiFi. We specialize in wireless design, installation and/or equipment reseller.  SF WiFi has installed and supports wireless in 3 of the top 25 Trip Advisor ranked Bay Area hotels.

The new Skype app is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4th generation with i0S 4.0 or above. Video receiving capabilities are available on the iPod touch 3rd generation and iPad. Calls can be made between devices using the new Skype for iPhone app and desktops including Skype for Windows 4.2 and above, Skype for Mac 2.8 and above, Skype for Linux and ASUS Videophone.

BlackBerry data issue

Wed March 10

Some BlackBerry users are complaining of an inability to use data services for two days in a row. It appears that the issue could be related to two separate problems. While some users seemed to be back in business late Tuesday, others were still having problems. One of the problems seems to be affecting some users of BlackBerry phones that have Wi-Fi capability, although the problem does not affect those users when they are connected to Wi-Fi networks. Instead, those users have trouble us

Free WiFi

Free Wi-Fi is a big deal with consumers who travel with their laptop and mobile phones.  It’s common to get access to Wi-Fi in many coffee shops and restaurants.  Bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced that it will be offering free in-store access to Wi-Fi to customers at all locations nationwide. The customers will be able to freely browse and download any of the 700,000 eBooks that the retailer offers in its store and get public domain books from Google.

Vacationers using wireless face security threat

Cyber criminals are targeting travelers by creating phony Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, hotels and coffee shops. These are know as “evil twins” attacks.


We can help protect your network and your wireless guests.


Our network design and wireless equipment include features:

  • Rouge access point detection in the wireless network. Is someone attempting an “evil twin” at your site. We can detect and shut them down.
  • Network and access point management and error notification.
  • Security features.
  • Guest ease of use.
  • Bandwidth limiting.

The story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,531380,00.html

Contact SF WiFi

Wireless observations while on vacation:

A vacation to the Midwest states revealed some interesting wireless networks.


Iowa – Hot spot wireless at highway rest stops. Corn, cows, and wifi.


Airports: Denver, San Jose, Omaha, Phoenix – Free wireless. Previously this was a pay service. Most networks with Cisco gear in use. To connect to one airport network  had to pass through 5 pages of captive portal to finally get access. Awkward.


Southwest Airlines – Wireless access on the flight. Pay service. Content filter, no videos. No thanks.


My niece watched Barney videos on my iPhone. Now that’s next generation wireless.

next generation wireless
next generation wireless