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We are a Northern California wireless solution provider. We offer our clients wireless solutions including design, installation and support services. SF WiFi specializes in Hospitality Wireless, Hot Spot Wireless, point to point and wireless business solutions.

SF WiFi is noticing increased usage of handheld mobile devices across wireless networks. Clients come to us because their existing legacy equipment and “SOHO” solutions can not support today’s wireless multi media (WMM). Voice, video and data overwhelms their antiquated systems causing connectivity and bandwidth issues for the end user.

Let SF WiFi help your business succeed by providing a wireless network which can handle today’s heavy data rates and high throughput demands. SF WiFi can design and install a cost effective solution to satisfy these wireless needs. We also offer continued support services after the installation is complete.

Our Hotel wireless clients: SF WiFi understands that Wi-Fi has become an essential amenity within the hospitality industry. It is also the one thing people complain about the most due to poor performance and limited coverage. SF WiFi specializes in hospitality wireless solutions by installing faster, more reliable WiFi services at a lower overall cost of ownership. SF WiFi designs, installs, and continues to support the wireless networks that keeps guests happy and satisfied.

Union Square Plaza Hotel:“Our existing wireless network was always a problem and some guests would not book a room with us unless they could get Internet access. SF WiFi designed and installed a wireless solution and we are now very pleased. No more issues. Thanks SF WiFi.” Sal Patel Union Square Plaza Hotel

Trip Advisor comments

We have read some nice comments on Trip Advisor regarding SF WiFi installations:

Trip Advisor comments:

“And the WIFI always worked for us and was a great resource for us.” Guest of the Chancellor Hotel San Francisco – May 1 2010

“We took full advantage of the free wi-fi, and even on the top floor, had little trouble connecting”  Guest of the Chancellor Hotel San Francisco – April 29 2010

“Free Wi-fi was great”  Guest of the Stanford Terrace Inn Palo Alto – March 2010

Stanford Terrace Inn is ranked #1 of all Palo Alto hotels

SF WiFi is a Northern California wireless solution provider specializing in Hospitality Wireless, SME, Point to Point, SMB and Hot Spot Wireless. Our clients range from large downtown San Francisco Hotels offering wireless services to guest rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and corporate offices. We also have business clients that have the need to extend the network beyond the reach of Ethernet cables.

Wireless Internet access has become ubiquitous with mobile guests and business travelers expecting wireless access. SF WiFi provides wireless to over one million hotel guests annually.

iPad: Issues connecting to WiFi networks

A very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with WiFi connectivity. This article outlines workarounds for these issues. Apple will also address remaining WiFi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.


SF WiFi is excited that our iPad arrives next week. Of course we will be testing, reviewing the WiFi connectivity.

Hotel Wireless Solutions

Hospitality Wireless case study:

Hotel Specs: The property consists of 5 floors, 58 rooms, café bar and restaurant and 2 meeting rooms. Guests were complaining that the wireless coverage was limited, connections and performance was erratic. Adding additional Wi-Fi access points (APs) was not an option because there was no way to extend ethernet cabling throughout the property. The client needed an innovative solution that would satisfy customers without disrupting business or breaking their capital budget.

SF WiFi gets the call – Project Requirements:

Wireless coverage throughout the entire hotel

Minimize the number of access points

Minimize, mitigate RF interference

Install AP’s where Ethernet can’t reach

Centralized and simplified management

Reduce install times

Self-configuring, self-tuning adaptive wireless

Reliable and stable with no support calls

Consistent performance

SF WiFi solution:

To work around and to minimize the need for additional ethernet cabling we designed a wireless mesh network. This design implements a WLAN managed mesh network to extend wireless coverage into difficult areas. This design limited the amount of cable required, reduced costs and simplified the installation.


Reduced capital costs by eliminating the need to run ethernet

Dependable Wi-Fi signal quality

Single Wi-Fi solution for entire hotel

Mesh design simplified AP placement (product feature)

Automatic interference avoidance (product feature)

Automatic failover and resiliency (product feature)

Wi-Fi coverage with fewer APs (product feature)

Utilized Power over Ethernet

One third the cost of “other” wireless product solutions

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Credits: Denise Leong – Marketing

Security camera and wireless network installation

Event: The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo 2010
Project: Client booth setup

Details: SF WiFi installed a wireless network to distribute networking to client devices. We also setup a CCTV system with cameras, DVR and real time video display for the client to highlight specific product features on video display.