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AT&T’s U-Verse connects wirelessly to TVs
By The Associated Press
AT&T Inc.’s U-Verse TV service is going wireless — inside the home. Its new set-top boxes will use the home’s Wi-Fi to get their TV programming, with no need for a coaxial cable.
That means TV sets can be moved from room to room and still work.
“You could move your U-Verse to the patio for the football game if the weather’s nice or to the guest room if you have guests coming in,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer.
That’s not really why AT&T developed it, though. The company was looking for a way to cut installation time and cost, Christopher said. With wireless boxes, installers won’t need to run cable or drill through walls.
U-Verse is delivered with Internet technology rather than standard cable technology. That makes it easier for AT&T to send the signal wirelessly. Other, smaller phone companies have used wireless set-top boxes for a few years.
The service uses standard Wi-Fi and has about the same range. The boxes will be available starting next week for a one-time fee of $49, plus the standard monthly $7 box rental fee. They’re made by Cisco Systems Inc.
A Wi-Fi hotspot can serve up to two set-top boxes wirelessly. A home can have two more set-top boxes, but they would have to be wired up, since the hotspot has limited capacity. All four could show high-definition programming simultaneously.
AT&T Inc. sells U-Verse in areas where it’s the local-phone company. It has 3.6 million TV subscribers, making it the eighth-largest pay-TV provider in the U.S.
SF WiFi has installed WiFi TV at a few properties. On a recent SF project we saw several streaming devices running from one access point:
(2) TV’s, (1) laptop, (2) iPhones, (1) iPad

4ipnet 802.11b/g EAP700 Wall Plate Access Point

The 4ipnet EAP700 Wall Jack Access Point is an in/on-the-wall as well as a ceiling-mounted Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g AP, designed to blend with any apartment, hotel, office or home interior architecture or furnishings effortlessly.




4ipnet EAP700 Wall Jack Access Point

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Geeky TV

 We seldom blog about a TV show but Person of Interest has our attention. Person of Interest is an American drama television series broadcasting on CBS.

 Show summary: An ex-CIA hitman partners with a scientist to prevent crimes before they occur in this drama/action project from J.J. Abrams. The show provides glimpses of advanced surveillance systems and high-tech configurations.

 Surveillance camera systems are prevalent in each episode. Systems that are wired, wireless, live remote view, hacked into, basically all the features currently available…and some features or deployments that are not. Or lets just say we see some artistic license in the features of the security cameras systems. 

My geeky side does enjoy looking at the surveillance and other high tech configurations and capabilities the show deploys. 

Person of Interest – we are watching!


SF WiFi is saddened to hear of the Passing of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. He transformed the culture of computers, smartphones, music and more. We pause to remember and appreciate his vision which influenced all our lives.