Wireless Site Survey and Troubleshooting – Education

With the return of students in classrooms new wireless issues are being discovered. Recently SFWiFi has been contacted by different school systems that are now having new wifi issues.
Untested and over utilized networks are now being pushed to the maximum..and past. A proper site survey can help remedy issues such as high client capacity, client application failures, disconnects and client dropping

SF WiFi can perform a detailed wireless site survey and diagnose issues at your site. Surveys include pre-deployment and or post-deployment. Enterprise and High Capacity issues can effect all model access points and issues including: Meraki, Cisco, Aruba, HP, Ruckus, Aerohive

Predictive surveys are also available. We utilize industry standard software to design the best access point layout for your site per any model access point

SF WiFi can troubleshoot the cause of performance and security problems such as:
•RF spectrum analysis
•Channel and device overload
•Performance issues
•Throughput testing
•Security issues
•Wireless network design
•Interference analysis
•Rouge access point detection
•Optimize your existing network
•Hidden nodes
•Roaming tools