Coit Tower mural restoration

A very interesting project to be associated with as SF WiFi is providing wireless design, equipment, installtion and support for wireless services at Coit tower

More info:

One of the most vexing problems was updating and rehabilitating the tower without making it look like a new building. It’s a 1933 space that needs to be restored, not redone, city officials said.

Besides the waterproofing and the roof repairs, work is also being done to upgrade the tower’s aging plumbing and electrical systems and make it more accessible to the disabled. Outside lighting is being improved, and the gift shop and commercial space inside is being completely redone for the new concession operator, who will take over when Coit Tower reopens to the public sometime after mid-April.

The improvements are startling. The murals, already cleaned and partially restored, pop with unexpected color that’s enhanced by the improvement work that’s been done around them.