4ipnet WHG311 Secure WLAN Controller & EAP110 Access

The combination of 4ipnet’s WHG311 Secure WLAN  Controller and EAP110 Access Points offers an attractive solution for small venues. WHG311’s local, site-to-site, and remote client VPN tunnels can be used to secure the flow of business information for workers on the road or home-based teleworkers, without the need for workers
to preinstall any VPN client software. 4ipnet’s EAP110. Access Points can be distributed through multiple network locations as if they are under the same internal network via secure tunneling technology.

Eight 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ-45 LAN ports
Recommended max of 150 concurrent users
Up to 10 site-to-site VPN links
Cloud-based tunneled-AP management of up to 30

4ipnet 802.11n access points
Encrypted Gigabit throughput
Creative deployment flexibility for both local and
remote networks

Best For: Small-scale deployments such as branch
offices and airport terminals.


Security Cameras – Priceless

San Francisco: Suspect held in Picasso theft; artwork unharmed.

(cut to the excerpt on security cameras):
The gallery had no security camera, but Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant down the street did. Its footage showed a man in a dark jacket, light-colored slacks, loafers and no socks walking west on Geary with a framed artwork under his left arm, partly obscured by a newspaper

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