Wireless Solutions for the Bay Area

Hot Spot Wireless

Hot Spot Wireless has evolved from being a nice amenity to an absolute necessity as there is a growing demand to accommodate today’s mobile customer. People expect wireless hot sports to be at restaurants, sports bars, hotels and gas stations (yes gas stations). Today’s customers are not only using their laptops they are also accessing the Internet wirelessly with handheld multi media driven devices such as iPhones, handhelds and other PDA’s.

SF WiFi specializes in wireless solutions for the hospitality industry and we are now extending this service to small businesses that wish to offer wireless to their employees and customers. We understand your increasing need to extend guest services and we can help you stay competitive by supplying or improving your hot spot wireless.

SF WiFi holds certifications in Cisco networking CCNA, Wireless technology CWNA, and communication distribution design RCDD. We have over 10 years experience in networking and support. Our wireless client portfolio includes 3 of the top 25 TripAdvisor ranked Bay Area hotels.

Wireless services will bring customers into your place of business and may even lead guests to choose your place of business over your competition.