WDC iPhone4 WiFi fail

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (iPhone4) on Monday June 7, CEO Steve Jobs had an embarrassing onstage moment. He lost his WiFi connection during his presentation as he tried to demo the difference between an iPhone 3Gs and the new iPhone 4. The download failed and his demo crashed on the new iPhone 4 because he couldn’t maintain a solid WiFi connection.

Apple was using the Moscone Center WiFi network but these issues could have been prevented by setting up a quality WiFi network.

The presentation could have been much more impressive with Steve Jobs opening the web browser on the iPhone4, logging into the wireless controller* and disabling all active wifi users and announcing “now that I have your attention let’s continue with the demonstration.” (Thus maintaining his demigod status). No flops, no downtime, no issues, in fact this blog would not need to have been written.

*From a web browser a wireless controller can manage all the access points, the connected users, per user (device) bandwidth usage, multiple SSID’s. There are several features and options that would have allowed for complete control of the wireless network.

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WiFi while traveling

Sitting at the Honolulu airport and traveling back to the mainland a co-worker used her iPad to access the web, email, and of course Yelp to find the best stores for shopping while on the stop over. Used the Japan Airlines wireless. Very good setup. No issues, No portal, easy streaming. Great job JAL.  Many people interested in looking in at the iPad.