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Wireless Bridge San Francisco

When the time came for our customer to expand and open a cross town office/warehouse they contracted SF WiFi to design and install a building to building wireless bridge to extend their existing network.
Project Description:
Design and install a stable and secure data link connecting the remote office to the home office local network

pt2pt diag

SF WiFi designed and installed a stable and secure wireless bridge with high speed
access points utilizing the 5GHz channel. This solution offers enterprise spec features
such as channel interference avoidance, AES based security and higher data throughput
rates than T1/E1 or xDSL lines at only a fraction of the cost.

A foggy day in Daly City:
This wifi bridge from home office to remote office is a 4.2 mile link. The picture at the left is the South S.F. office access point and illustrates that the client is literally redeiving data from the cloud.

ap view in the fog blog
Literally receiving data from the cloud




Capacity and Growth

Went to a party on Saturday night. The conversations ranged from the World Cup, LeBron James, and when’s dinner. As dinner became delayed the Apple devices came out. iPhones 3G, 4G, and iTouch. (I left my iPad at home). I became impressed with a friends tech savvy son “RC” and his knowledge using his iTouch.

RC – A student in junior high – budgeted his hard earned savings and purchased an iTouch. (with some help from the bank of DAD). It goes without saying that RC is a very bright boy who schooled me on the latest game apps. Now I am hooked on Flight Control and Angry Birds. High five buddy!!… or should I say fist bump?  

The evening reminded me that when we design, install a WiFi network, (or any network infrastructure) we must take into account future capacity and room for expansion. With capacity for future mobile devices, with more apps and more users. Network design must choose applications and hardware that will allow the network to grow.

Quick example: Wireless systems that utilize the 5 GHz band (802.11a) for the wireless mesh backhaul. A significant advantage, since the 2.4 GHz band is heavily used to the point of being crowded.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it”.  Margaret Fuller

WDC iPhone4 WiFi fail

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (iPhone4) on Monday June 7, CEO Steve Jobs had an embarrassing onstage moment. He lost his WiFi connection during his presentation as he tried to demo the difference between an iPhone 3Gs and the new iPhone 4. The download failed and his demo crashed on the new iPhone 4 because he couldn’t maintain a solid WiFi connection.

Apple was using the Moscone Center WiFi network but these issues could have been prevented by setting up a quality WiFi network.

The presentation could have been much more impressive with Steve Jobs opening the web browser on the iPhone4, logging into the wireless controller* and disabling all active wifi users and announcing “now that I have your attention let’s continue with the demonstration.” (Thus maintaining his demigod status). No flops, no downtime, no issues, in fact this blog would not need to have been written.

*From a web browser a wireless controller can manage all the access points, the connected users, per user (device) bandwidth usage, multiple SSID’s. There are several features and options that would have allowed for complete control of the wireless network.

About SF WiFi:

SF WiFi specializes in Hotel and Business WiFi solutions. Our design solutions provide seamless wireless to clients of small offices and large projects including 18 story hotels. Wireless issues after an installation are very rare which allow for high TripAdvisor rankings for our hotel clients.

SF WiFi guarantees wireless uptime and full signal coverage with our 30 day free installation guarantee.