Wireless Solutions for the Bay Area

Business and Home Wireless

Business Networking:

Our reliable, high-performance business wireless solutions are designed for a variety of environments allowing users to share Internet access, peripherals, files, digital multimedia content and media-rich applications. We design, install, support and or sell the wireless equipment that supports businesses in a variety of industries that are now gaining stronger network performance with reliable connectivity.

Enterprise: Robust, secure, scalable and reliable centrally- managed WLANs that fit any existing network architecture.

SME: Simpler and more reliable WLANs that deploy faster, cost less, improve performance.

Hospitality: Coverage, stability, ease of use for the guest.

Education: Better coverage with fewer access points and less Ethernet cabling.

Healthcare: Discover how our solutions connect clinicians to information and people.

Warehouse: Resolving coverage and roaming issues and allowing WiFi to function in the remote reaches of the warehouses.

Point to Point Wireless: Solutions to extend your network.

Home Wireless: The home is often your second office. We offer products and solutions to resolve coverage and reliability issues in the home.