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Wireless Site Survey

SF WiFi offers wireless site survey services for both large and small projects. We can perform a detailed wireless site survey and diagnose issues at your site. Weather this is pre-deployment or post-deployment SF WiFi can troubleshoot the cause of performance and security problems. Our services include:

Predictive Modeling:

Predictive wireless models also known as virtual site surveys allow efficient and accurate identification of the number of access points required, placement and configuration.

Physical Site Surveys:

Wireless network installation can be a complex and daunting task that involves many invisible and unpredictable variables. SF WiFi can insure your deployment meets your standards.

This includes: 802.11n deployment, RF signal strength, noise level, data rate, channel allocation, user density, roaming, and security. Since all these factors ultimately affect WLAN network performance, it is necessary to perform RF site surveys to fully understand the behavior of radio waves within a facility before locating and installing the wireless network access points. Operating at the RF level, we can quickly and easily determine the optimal number and placement of WLAN infrastructure devices to provide the best coverage and throughput required by the users in a cost-effective way.

Voice over WiFi:

SF WiFi can troubleshoot your issues with Voice over WiFi. With our tools and expertise we can directly monitor the quality of every phone call on the wireless LAN, automatically detect the sources of voice problems, and actively troubleshoot problems from the phone all the way to the wired call manager. It is an intelligent expert system that takes into consideration all aspects of wireless voice and cost-effectively diagnoses device-related problems, QoS problems, RF problems, WLAN problems, and even wired network problems associated with Voice over WiFi.

Wireless Site Survey - Warehouse
Wireless Site Survey – Warehouse