WiFi is back online!!

The Ocean Pacific Lodge in Santa Cruz was having major issues with their existing wireless network. OPL understands the need for guest internet services and contacted SF WiFi for a wireless solution.

This project entails saturating the property with signal for guest rooms, pool and common areas. Our wireless solution provides superior coverage, capacity and ease of use management features to seamlessly support today’s mobile user. SF WiFi specializes in hospitality wireless solutions and has designed, installed and supports wireless in 10 of the top 25 Bay Area TripAdvisor ranked hotels.

The omnipresence of wireless networks is here to stay and the appeal of smartphones and tablets is undeniable. Tech-savvy consumers are buying mobile devices in record quantities and now more than ever demand that same sense of flexibility and ease-of-use at Hot Spots.

Recognizing this need, SF WiFi is currently offering a low cost solution for Bay Area hoteliers, property managers and apartment owners who need to provide reliable and secure mobile internet access for their clients.

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