Home Wireless Solutions

SF WiFi serves customers in the hospitality, SMB, and hotspot markets. But what about home office wireless solutions?
SF WiFi has found many commonalities among the demands of our industrial, hospitality, and residential clients. Therefore it only stands to reason that we expand our support to include homeowners.

Common Client Specifics:

Wireless signal drops out at various rooms in the house.
Client works from home and needs wireless signal delivered throughout the property versus having it delivered to only one or two rooms.
Limited access to run new Cat 5 cables.
Residents use 5, 10, 15 or more wireless devices, laptops, printers, mobile devices TVs all working concurrently.
Multiple complications arise in interior coverage issues artificially created by the residences’ interior walls, tiles, mirrors, granite, multiple floors, etc.
The home owners friend is a wiz with computers and has rigged a not so inexpensive network solution which only works like my brother in law – sporadically. (Okay, I threw that one in. But does it sound sadly familiar?)

Monster Home to Happy Home:

SF WiFi has serviced homes From Sausalito to San Jose and the Peninsula that did not receive quality signal coverage. The owners had spent time and hundreds of dollars outfitting their homes with inefficient wireless equipment. We’ve heard it all from trying numerous repeaters, running bits of cable, and moving access points. They’ve basically have tried everything short of wiring up the kitchen sink. Needless to say, none of these methods provided a reliable solution. We admit, clients always seem skeptical when they first meet us. Their usual cry for help is, “We’ve tried everything.” But after working with us we usually hear “Why didn’t I call you sooner!”


As a special service SF WiFi provides a free site survey to all our customers. We have found this survey helps us determine signal coverage, design access point placement, and client application needs while at the same time saves the client money. We then submit a proposal outlining our design, equipment, and installation costs.

Final Note:

What are you really looking for in a wireless network? If it’s great coverage, reliability, stable throughput, no dropouts, and ease of use then join the long list of customers SF WiFi has satisfied over the years. Our success rate is 100%–just ask us for our referrals. We can provide your happy home a reliable wireless network so you can get the work done while listening to Pandora by the patio pool.