HSG200-P Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit

HSG200-P Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit – HSG200 802.11n/b/g Wireless Hotspot Gateway with Network Ticket Generator Combo Set

The 4ipnet HSG200 Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit delivers enterprise-grade security, efficiency, and speed with a small-business price tag. The feature-rich HSG200 Wireless Hotspot Gateway with built-in 802.11n/b/g access point housed in IP50 dust-proof metal housing specially targets small-size stores who want to provide single-point wireless Internet access service, featuring the most economical solution for mini-scale hotspot businesses. With 4ipnet’s patent-pending 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect) technology, the HSG200 is able to establish AES encrypted WDS links by simply pressing the button on HSG200, securely and effortlessly extending the wireless network coverage. With built-in user database and customizable billing plans, it enables account generation on demand at the cashier’s desk. To open a hotspot store is at finger tips with HSG200 connecting to the Internet pipe via ADSL/ Cable/Satellite modem.


4ipnet EAP300 dual band 802.11a/b/g/n access point

4ipnet EAP300 dual band industrial grade Gigabit IP50 802.11a/b/g/n managed Access Point

1. Cost Effective for Maximum Deployment Flexibility
4ipnet EAP300 features two 3×3 MIMO dual-band 2.4-GHz/5-GHz radios, delivers wire-like performance at data rates up to 300 Mbps per radio.

2. Secure Tunnel AP Management
Capable of centrally managing 4ipnet access points through the Cloud.

3. IP50 Metal Housing
Dust-proof for enterprise or industrial environment.

4. Gigabit Ethernet Port w/PoE
4ipnet EAP300 provides 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port, matching wire and wireless throughput.

5. 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect)
The patent-pending 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect) technology bridges multiple EAP300 together with wireless connection at the touch of a button by pressing the WES on the EAP300.

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4ipnet EAP300 dual band access point

CCTV Security Camera Installations and Support

Wired and Wireless Security Camera solutions for the Business:

Network cameras allow you to keep an eye on the business and manage your resources anywhere, anytime.  View systems remotely in real-time from any internet or mobile device. Video recording is also stored on DVR disk for later viewing.

Solutions for: Restaurants, Warehouses, Offices, Parking lots, Hotels and more.

Indoor and outdoor solutions
View, record and manage advanced features from any Internet connection
DVR recording options: Always on, timed or motion detection. Simple playback.
Cameras:  Dome, Pedestal and Bullet cameras. Wired or wireless.
Secure a greater area with pan and tilt controls side-to-side up-and-down

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The Pineapple – Symbol of Hospitality

The pineapple has been a universal symbol of hospitality and welcome for many centuries all over the world.

To the Caribbean’s, the pineapple symbolized hospitality, and the Spaniards soon learned they were welcome if a pineapple was placed by the entrance to a village. This symbolism spread to Europe, then to Colonial North America, where it became the custom to carve the shape of a pineapple into the columns at the entrance of a plantation.

Another story tells that New England ship captains would return from their journeys and would put a pineapple around people’s houses as a symbol of a safe return. The pineapple has such a unique style to it that it was often used as the centerpiece in food banquets. The pineapple remains the symbol of hospitality today. A warm welcoming sense that says you are welcome to come in.

At SF WiFi we have our own take on the Hospitality pineapple.

Hospitality Pineapple with MIMO WiFi

Hospitality Pineapple with MIMO WiFi
Hospitality Pineapple with MIMO WiFi