Hospitality Wireless Special

From what we hear from our Hospitality clients guest occupancy has been down during the winter. Business is starting to pick up a bit this spring and with summer approaching it is a good time to look at amenities and upgrade long overdue services.

Hotel guests are now pounding the hotel wireless networks with their iPhones, Netbooks, laptops and connecting to traffic intense sites like Pandora, YouTube, Hulu and maybe connecting back to their office for email and work. Nowadays almost no vacation lacks a few business emails.

A wireless network with spotty coverage, poor design, downtime, lack of features will drive guests away.

I have been told by a few clients that guests will not even check in if there isn’t sufficient wireless at the hotel.

SF WiFi resolves wireless network issues. Our Hotel General Managers are happy and the guests don’t complain to the front desk!! Well maybe guests still complain about the continental breakfast – but we can’t support that.

SF WiFi offers s FREE site survey to gather the necessary information for a proper wireless design.

About SF WiFi:
We are a Northern California wireless solution provider. SF WiFi specializes in Hospitality Wireless, Hot Spot Wireless and wireless business solutions.
SF WiFi services Include:
Wireless site surveys
Wireless network design
Wireless hardware & software product recommendations & sales
Wireless network installation
Contined support after installation
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