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4ipnet WLAN solutions

4ipnet specializes in wireless equipment including hot spot gateways and access points

4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services. 4ipnet delivers complete diverse array of innovative, turnkey and high-performance products and solutions, to bring reliability and manageability to evolving complex wired and wireless networking and telecommunication world.

4ipnet’s complete wireless networking infrastructure and management solution portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments ranging from the hospitality, education, telecom 3G-offload, ISP, industrial, medical, SMB, to the SOHO, with an emphasis on providing centralized network management, simplified network deployment, and enhanced network security and performance.

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4ipnet NetTicketGen Network Ticket Generator Set

As Internet usage continues to become more mobile, customers have an increasing expectation for wireless Internet access at public locations, such as in coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, convention centers or airport terminals. Whether you are thinking of running a hotspot for free or for a fee, you will need a hotspot management system to maintain quality of service for your customers, eliminate free-riders, and keep your network secure.

4ipnet NetTicketGen Network Ticket Generator Set, SDS100 Smart Device Server and PRT100 POS Printer, is able to provide the easy hotspot solution that turns your venue instantly into a managed, branded and moneymaking hotspot.

SDS100 Device Server and PRT100 POS Printer lead a simpler way to serve the hotspot area. Designed to support account generation, SDS100 Device Server triggers the built-in On-Demand billing plan(s) inside 4ipnet WHG Controllers or HSG Gateways and then prints account tickets with the PRT100 POS Printer. Each WHG Controller or HSG Gateway can simultaneously support multiple NetTicketGen Network Ticket Generator Sets via the network. The on-demand accounts can be generated at the counter by the hotspot owner by pressing a few buttons on the SDS100 Device Server to print account tickets. All PRT100 POS Printers connect directly to SDS100 Device Server with serial port (in RS-232) and SDS100 has a standard TCP/IP (in RJ-45) interface, so it is easy for NetTicketGen Network Ticket Generator Set to join your network!

How it Works:
Price Hot Spot access by:
*Usage, Date Volume, Duration, Purchase
*Press buttons on Ticket Generator
*Print an Account Ticket

4ipnet Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit includes:

Item 1: HSG200 Wireless Hotspot Gateway, (1) 2×2 MIMO 802.11n/b/g with
802.3af standard PoE support, Built-in & external RADIUS authentication,
Versatile billing plans for on-demand accounts. potal options, Real-time monitoring of
online users

Item 2: Hotspot Network Ticket Generator – SDS100 Smart Device Server

Item 3: POS Printer for simple account generation & ticket printing
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Hotspot Gateway and 802.11b/g access point

HSG100 Wireless Hotspot Gateway – More than just an access point.

The 4ipnet HSG100 is the most economical yet feature-rich Wireless Hotspot Gateway, targeting mini-size stores who want to provide small, single-point wireless Internet access service.

Hotspot features:
Built in 802.11b/g wireless access point
Built in database and external radius user authentication
Integrated PayPal credit card billing

Bandwidth policy, session control, firewall
Compete LAN/WAN network functions
Detailed user traffic log
Custom portal pages

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